Introducing ICT In Lower Primary And Lower Secondary School

After noting the current trends in education instruction and in line with it’s motto ‘creating diversity and innovation in education’, Chisapi Schools is embedding smart ICT into its teaching and learning methodologies across the subjects.

The use of desktop computers over the years has improved learning but being fixed objects, they do not provide the flexibility that brings time efficiency. This therefore led the school into exploring what other schools in Europe and Australia are doing to make learning more interesting and ensure that time is fully utilised. The idea of replacing desktop computers with iPads/tablets therefore was adopted.

These iPads/tablets are modern gadgets which are specifically designed and have preinstalled programmes that aid the acquisition of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills by the learners. Furthermore, they also have programmes in numerical, reasoning and aesthetic skills acquisition.

The current generation is living in an era that has witnessed tremendous improvements in technology and adoption of the same in many aspects of life. Therefore, limiting the teaching and learning methods to old strategies when things are changing fast is like deliberately limiting or suppressing the potential in the learners. Bringing innovations to brighten the scenario would thus arouse more interest and enthusiasm in the learners.


From the trials conducted in the school during the current academic  year, (Form 1 and Std 3), it has shown that the smart technology to be adopted will provide students with an opportunity to practice even outside the classroom since the iPads/tablets are portable; would support assessment for learning; improve creativity and innovation, this prepares the students well for the ever changing challenges of the world; encourage engagement and motivation, this in the end develops the student all round; and provide access to better understanding of the curriculum which enables the adoption of different learning styles.

The iPads/tablets are designed to suit the level of the users, are attractive and learning becomes fun.

The use of iPads/tablets would however not replace effective teaching but would complement other forms of technology and teaching styles. Although the pedagogic skills and imagination of the teacher remain central to effective use, they also provide an opportunity to develop a classroom practice where pupils not only learn from teachers, but also learn with teachers.

We are therefore preparing for a more exciting teaching and learning experience in the 2016-17 academic year as we roll the initiative full throttle in standards three and four in primary school as well as forms one and two in the secondary schools.

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  1. Wao i love this. Technology in education is the way to go. Bravo. i am getting my nephew and niece enrolled at your school. i know they will never be the same when they come out of there. Congratulations.

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